Let's leverage the art of food photography


2023 Calendar

FOOD AND EMOTIONS is your contemporary and art driven desk calendar encompassing some of my best work including award winning Images that portray food and the innate connection It has with us humans and our amalgam of emotions.
Solely designed to elevate your space and Induce Inspiration on a daily basis.


Art Prints

Art must be evocative, convey a message and Influence the world in a beautiful way.
Every piece of mine was created with this thought and so, Each of it modestly carries a story that I truly believe will have you think, reflect and leave you enamoured.
From a range of vibrant Art prints available choose the one that speaks to your heart and would take a humble space in your abode.


Mentoring Session

Are you a newbie food photographer yearning to ace the art and business of food photography? Or Have you been doing this for a while and want to find your unique style / stand out from the crowd and thrive as a food photographer and creative entrepreneur?
If yes, you are at the right place, I’m all here to assist you.

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